6 Huge Expenses that are Tax Deductible as a Work at Home Baker

When you’re a self-employed cake baker, Irish tax laws can seem a bit unkind at times. If you’re baking in your free time or work for an employer most of the time, you might not be affected by the differences, but once you become successful, there are marked differences in what you have to pay….

Halloween treats

15 Halloween Treats to Fright and Delight

Goblins and gentle-ghouls, it’s that time of year again! Whether you’re big on scares and tricks or like your Halloween treats sugar-coated, the fall season is sure to delight. We’ve rounded up some of our absolute Halloween favourites, from cakes to cupcakes, that are ideal for any All Hollow’s Eve celebration. 1) Cute Zombie Cake…

Bakers and Cakers, Cake pricing guide

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Cakes Fairly & Profitably

At Bakers & Cakers, we’re invested in your success. We’re not just creating a marketplace that makes it easier for you to sell and meet new clients, but also an enhanced network to support your business. This will include tools to help you track your expenses, secure discounts that will lower your costs, and a…

HSE Registration , Bakers and Cakers ,

The Quick Guide to Getting Your HSE Certification

Not HSE Registered ?… here’s how to do it. Let’s be honest, all of you fabulous cake makers and decorators out there are not HSE registered. Your business probably started out as a hobby, perhaps making the odd cake here and there for friends and family when they asked. You delighted in the work, and…

Bakers and Cakers

How to Create an Epic Baker Profile in 10 Minutes or Less

Bakers and Cakers ,Providing everything you need to run a profitable business, so you can focus on doing what you do best- delighting people with your delicious works of art. There are lots of reasons why having a profile here on Bakers and Cakers is beneficial, whether you want tools that will make managing your…

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6 Amazing Dublin Easter Eggs You Have to See to Believe

 Amazing Easter Eggs to bestow upon your loved ones this Easter According to the Journal, we consumed 17.7 million Easter eggs last year, to the tune of 2,136 tonnes of chocolate. That’s pretty amazing in and of itself, but we aren’t satisfied with just any kind of chocolate egg. We want unique sweets to bestow…

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5 Uncommonly Wonderful Edible Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothering Sunday is fast approaching. If you’re like most of us, you’re still pondering exactly what to get all the special ladies in your life. Edible treats are generally universal, whether you’re honouring your own mum, your wife, or any other special lady in your life, and can be customised to suit the palate of…

5 Deliciously Fun Treats for Your St. Paddy’s Day Celebration

Bakers and Cakers 5 inspirational treats this St.Paddy’s day St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and we all know what that means. This is the one time of the year virtually everyone in the world wishes they were Irish, and for good reasons. We know how to throw a bash. Of course, with all…

How to Take Delicious Photos of Your Baked Goods

Taking Pinterest-worthy photos of your cakes and other baked goods can be a bit of a challenge, but a well-formed shot highlights the natural beauty of your artistry and can literally make mouths water. As a professional, these things are your first impression with your potential customers and will encourage them to either take a…

6 Sweet Treats to Steal Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s a great opportunity to show your sweetheart how much you adore him or her. Whether you’re trying to woo a certain someone or just want to remind them that you care, a little sugar for your sugar is in order. Check out these six ideas for inspiration ….

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