Alternative Wedding Cakes 

13 Alternative Wedding Cakes 

13 Jaw-Dropping Alternative Wedding Cakes 

Not every Bride dreams of the pristine white Wedding cake , some want to put their own unique stamp on their day and we’ve got 13 amazing examples of alternative Wedding cakes to help get those creative juices flowing .  Need inspiration or want to see alternative wedding cakes that you can customise or purchase directly from a talented baker? Then This blog’s for you! We’ve got tonnes of options, including chocolate wedding cakes, rustic wedding cakes, and even a few non-cake and novelty options too.

1) Very Important Date

mad hatter wedding cake

Going with a Wonderland theme for your nuptials? Something like this piece from 2210 Patisserie would make a great alternative wedding cake that will leave your guests in awe. 

2) The Adventure Beginsalternative wedding cake

Adventure cakes are on ongoing trend, but Broken Spoon Cakes took it to a whole new level by personalising the design and using this beautiful piece to tell the lucky couple’s story.

3) Petit “Threes”

unusual wedding cakes

Designed to look like petite fours, and even served along with them, these three pieces by Cakes Glorious Cakes are proof that you can go the non-traditional route and still have an elegant presentation. By the way, Anne just added gluten-free cakes to her menu in addition to her existing mouth-watering offerings like vanilla madeira, raspberry, and chocolate wedding cakes, so be sure to pop by whether you want something like the one above or something gluten-free.

4) For the Love of Macarons

unusual wedding cakes

Nobody saw this coming when macaron towers emerged as an alternative to traditional wedding cakes, but then again, Cherub Couture Cakes is known for their innovative designs. You can almost feel the sweet macarons melting in your mouth, can’t you?


5) Black Bliss

Alternative Wedding Cakes 

Our friends over at Cupcakes and Counting crafted this stunning black wedding cake. The eye-catching look is so novel that even Martha Stewart has featured similar designs from them.

6) ‘Til Death

unusual wedding cake

Hats off to Novel-T Cakes. This alternative wedding cake really slays it and comes pre-cut. You could even say the designer, Tanya, really knows how to get to the hearts of her clients. Jokes aside, she’s an incredibly talented lady and although all her pieces have the same attention to detail, most are a bit less gory. Ok, a lot less gory. 

7) The Ultimate Compromise

Alternative Wedding Cakes 

Ever wonder what happens when one half of the wedding party wants a traditional white wedding cake and the other wants an alternative wedding cake? Kudos to Perfectionist Confectionist for blending two worlds together flawlessly in this epic design. 

8) More Adventures

Alternative Wedding Cakes  - Rollercoaster

The adventure begins theme gets a makeover by Perfectionist Confectionist in this whimsical design. Looks like this happy couple is off to a fun start!

9) Darkly Decadent

unusual wedding cake

Dia de los Muertos weddings are one of the newer trends. Although Cat at The Cake Cuppery does white and classic designs beautifully too, she’s hands down the one you want if you’re looking for a gothic wedding cake. Check out the details on the skull—it’s hand painted!

10) Eternal Love

Alternative Wedding Cakes - Pirate Themed

The whole ‘til death do us part notion is a bit outdated, isn’t it? For the couple that plans rule the high seas together for all eternity, a pirate cake from Splendor Cakes and More is a better fit.

11) Going Places

Alternative Wedding Cakes - Just Married

Charming and fun, this alternative wedding cake is ideal for the couple that’s going places. Check out how Truly Scrumptious Cakes worked in a few delicately placed and perfectly crafted sugar flowers to correspond with the theme.

12) A Rose by Any Other Name

Alternative Wedding Cakes - Rose Themed

Think you’re stuck deciding between yellow, white, or chocolate wedding cakes? Think again. Granted, Finch & Berry is neither a baker, nor a caker, but we think they fit in perfectly here on Bakers & Cakers because they make amazing creations such as this. Their specialty is Belgian chocolate-covered strawberries that are like nothing else on this earth. Their melt-in-your-mouth sweetness and beautiful presentation make them a perfect wedding cake alternative. If strawberries aren’t your thing, check out their indulgent heart-shaped chocolates instead. 

13) Best of All Worlds

Alternative Wedding Cakes - Macaroon

Like the idea of flower-laden rustic wedding cakes or a more traditional white piece, but still want something non-traditional or handheld too? Oceane, a French pastry chef and head of French Cake brings together the best of all worlds in this elegant display. 

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See something you liked? Each of the pieces featured here was crafted by a talented local baker (or non-baker, as the case may be) and you can connect with them directly to customise and order by clicking the link to their Bakers & Cakers profile in the description below the photo. Or, see more choices, including alternatives, novelty designs, chocolate, and rustic wedding cakes on our Bridal Boutique inspiration page.


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