Latest updates for Cakers

We have FOUR really exciting updates to Bakers and Cakers for you.

The focus on this update is making it easier to deal with enquiries, get better details from customers and reduce the clutter in your inbox.

We built Messages in Bakers & Cakers to keep all your communications in one place. Each enquiry starts a thread and all the replies and attached are saved under that one thread. No more digging through email to find the details! And it works brilliantly.

Here’s what’s new!

Not available? You can now “Quick decline”.

Enquiries through your Bakers & Cakers account really build up! We know how hard it can be to get time to sit down and keep on top of them.

Often you can tell at a glance that a job isn’t for you. However, every enquiry deserves a reply even if it’s just to say “No”.

This new update will allow you to quickly decline any enquiry – just by clicking a link your notification email. You don’t even have to login!

Clicking Quick Decline will send a nice pre-prepared email to say you’re not available – with no further action on your part!

You can edit the language in your account settings. Remember, the email is the same for everyone – so keep it broad and open!

Need more information? Ask “Quick questions”.

Queries come in with all kinds of detail. Some with way too little… and some with a bit too much. But invariably – there are more questions we that answers.

Unfortunately, every job has different types of questions – wedding cakes aren’t based on characters and Fortnite cakes don’t have tiers (in the main!).

We wanted to ensure you could ask questions quickly. We wanted to create a way you could progress the enquiry with as little time or effort as possible on your part.

Additionally, we had to make sure that you are not asking prospects to repeat details they took the time to list in the first place!

And we’ve done it.

With this update you can trigger a Second Stage Form to request more information. Best of all, you can choose – with a few taps – which questions you need answers too.

Right from your enquiry email

Responses are added to the enquiry – keeping it all together in a single thread.

Archive Messages and Enquiries – Inbox Zero!

We’re genuinely shocked how many messages have been created through Bakers & Cakers. 10s of 1,000s of enquiries have lead to over 1,000,000 back and forths and a massive amount of image attachments.

In this update we’ve created a message archive. When an enquiry is dealt with or a job complete you can click to archive the message. This will make it easier to focus on the jobs that are on and the new enquiries.

Get those reviews – ALL of them.

This is really exciting.

Up to now reviews were attached to invoices – as customers paid for cakes through Bakers & Cakers they would be asked to leave a review. We understand that lots of business is done in person, by Paypal and by bank transfer.

Well now you can request reviews from these customers too.

First – to make it easier to focus on the jobs that are on you can now archive messages and enquiries – inbox zero!

Second – and more exciting – as you hit archive you can choose to request a review from that customer.

A Top Tip

There is a sneaky way to use this feature to get your favourite customers to leave you a review on Bakers & Cakers. Simply ask them to start an enquiry with you. When you archive it they’ll get the opportunity to tell the world how great you are!

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