Novelty Birthday Cake

Novelty Birthday Cakes; 9 Epic Cakes that Awe and Inspire

If you’ve ever seen the novelty birthday cakes done up on baking shows and totally fallen in love, then this blog’s for you. On this page, we’ll highlight work of the same calibre, but with pieces crafted by the same local cakers you’ll find right here on Bakers & Cakers. Browse for inspiration or, if you find something you’d like to order, just click the link in the blurb below each image to visit the caker’s page and connect. 

1) Work of Art

Imaginative Novelty Birthday Cakes
Novelty Birthday Cake by Novel-T Cakes

Talk about having a bad day at work! Thankfully, this is NOT a real-life rendition of the art Tanya at Novel-T Cakes produces, although the stunning cake is entirely her creation. The award-winning designer creates the most imaginative novelty birthday cakes and pieces for all occasions, plus teaches her craft on the side. 

2) Bolt, The Gravity-Defying Grumpy Unicorn

Unicorn Inspired Novelty Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Cácalicious

Anyone can create unicorn novelty birthday cakes, but it takes a real pro to defy gravity and incorporate this much grumpy adorableness in a single piece. Michelle at Cácalicious named him Bolt. She’s a regular award winner for her sculpted cakes and figurines and specializes in novelty, but she also does some quite charming wedding pieces too. 

3) Pug-a-Licious 

Pug Themed Novelty Birthday 40th Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Truly Scrumptious Cakes

This sweet 3D chocolate biscuit pug is the handiwork of Ciara at Truly Scrumptious Cakes. Believe it or not, this pup is only a small sampling of what she can do. All her pieces carry the same lifelike qualities and attention to detail. Do you think, if we tell him to fetch, he’ll bring back a cupcake? 

4) The Sweetest Shoes Ever

Jimmy Choo Styled Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake

A pair of Jimmy Choo heels would be pretty sweet to begin with, but Victoria of Miller Cake Studio kicked it up a notch here. The shoe box is a vanilla sponge cake with a layer each of strawberry preserve and vanilla bean cream cheese frosting tucked away inside. Her character cakes are simply divine as well!

5) Impressive This Novelty Birthday Cake Is

Star Wars Themed Yoda Novelty Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Amy- Lea Cake co

A good Star Wars cake to find, go to Amy-Lea’s Cake Co. one must. But, Yoda-isms aside, this is about as epic as it gets. Amy-Lea isn’t just an award-winning caker, but an instructor too. While most carry the same whimsy and character you see here, she does elegant designs with equal precision as well. 


6) So Good You Could Almost Read It

Harry Potter Inspired Novelty Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Broken Spoon Cakes

The birthday boy’s mum says Broken Spoon Cakes did such an impressive job with this piece that the partygoers tried to open it like a book! “The detail was unbelievable,” she adds. Tara, the caker who crafted it, describes her work as “edible art,” and specialises in hand-painted designs. Talk about magic!

7) Partied-Out Unicorn

Sleeping Unicorn Novelty Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Funky Cakes by Architect

Looks like the party was a little too much for someone. This delightfully tuckered out unicorn was created by none other than Funky Cakes by Architect. Izabella, the caker behind it, was an architect in her prior career and carried her creativity and artistry into her baking. Her imaginative and fun designs have earned her countless awards and bring smiles to everyone who sees them.

8) Birthday Fun

Universal Themed Novelty Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by the perfectionist Confectionist

Figurines like the one seen on this fun roller coaster cake are a specialty of Perfectionist Confectionist. Many of their birthday novelty cakes feature the likeness of the guest of honour along with hobbies, careers, and whatever brings the piece to life. 

9) Doubletake Cake

Burrito Novelty Birthday Cake
Novelty Birthday Cake by Splendour Cakes and More

Don’t let the looks deceive you. This monster-sized burrito is as delicious as it looks, but it’s also a carved cake, done up by sugar artist Ellen Redmond at Splendor Cakes and More. The award-winning caker does an impressive job of converting anything you can think of into delish desserts. You genuinely have to see it (and sometimes taste it) to believe it. 

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