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Wedding Cupcakes ; 13 Wedding Cupcakes for the Happiest of Happily Ever Afters

Wedding cupcakes offer a break from tradition, bringing variety and touch of sweetness to the day. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own celebration or simply like to explore. Checkout the designs highlighted below for a taste of what our Cakers can offer. 

1) Nature’s Finest

Fruit and Flower Themed Wedding Cupcakes

These mouth-watering treats by O’Carrolls Cakes combines two big trends in wedding cupcakes: fruit and flowers. Paired with a generous amount of luscious buttercream, the combination is tough to beat.

2) Wings of Love

Beautifully Decorated Love Birds Cupcakes

Luciano De Crescenzo is credited with saying, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” Perhaps this is what the two lovebirds had in mind when requesting these beautiful wedding cupcakes from the Cake Cuppery.

3) All You Need is… Wedding Cupcakes!

Love Themed Valentines and Wedding Cupcakes

Ok, perhaps wedding cupcakes and love. These fun designs are the work of Miller Cake Studio. Although initially created for Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to see how they’d fit in perfectly at a festive reception. 

4) Delicate Decadence

Elegant Traditionally Designed Cupcakes

These wedding cakes are proof that you can have something incredibly sweet and traditional in a bite-sized morsel. They’re the work of Maria’s Cakes Delight who, not surprisingly, makes some impressive full-sized cakes as well.

5) Through the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes Created For Weddings

Literally begging to be eaten, these stunning Alice in Wonderland treats are perfect for a themed wedding. They also have one other secret: they’re champagne and strawberry flavoured. Hats off to Cherub Couture Cakes for the romantic pairing. 

6) Rustic Chic Wedding Cupcakes

Rustic Wedding Cupcakes

If you love country charm, these rustic wedding cupcakes from Broken Spoon Cakes will have you saying, “We do” too!

7) Because Sometimes One Cake isn’t Enough

Wedding Cakes alongside Wedding Cupcakes

Sometimes couples need more than one cake, they want additional flavour pairings, guests have special dietary needs, or the wedding cupcakes are simply too adorable to pass up. The good news is, you don’t have to choose. These lovely coordinating desserts were done up by Primrose Lane Bakery.

8) Sweet Surprises

Luscious Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes

These dainty treats have two big surprises. First, those aren’t real flowers. These luscious chocolate wedding cupcakes are topped off with sugar flowers. The second surprise? They’re made by MMCookies, and clearly, they’re about as far from cookies as one can get. Proof you can’t judge a book by its cover!

9) A Rose by Any Other Name…

White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes Perfect For Weddings

Would taste like raspberries, obviously, and these wonderful bites of white chocolate raspberry deliciousness are the work of Cherub Couture Cakes.

10) Classic & Minis

Wedding Cake & Cupcake Combination

What goes better with wedding cupcakes than cake? Trick question! Nothing. Created by 2210 Patisserie, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic spread than this. 

11) Rustic Tower

Rustic Wedding Cupcake Tower

Simple, yet elegant, this rustic tower by Cakes by Dawn ensures everyone in attendance gets exactly what they wish for.

12) Rococo Era

Elegant Rococo-style Wedding Cupcakes

Hoping to evoke the nostalgia of the 1700s? These elegant Rococo-style wedding cupcakes by Cove Cake Design are sure to do the trick.

13) Stamped with Love

Stamped Looked Shortbread Cookies

To be fair, these happen to be shortbread cookies designed by Croft Cake Design, but they were too good to leave out and a  stamped look can be worked into any kind of dessert and customised to suit. They’re one to check out if you’re interested in experimenting with unique flavour pairings as well.

Want to See More Wedding Cupcakes and Alternatives?

Head over to our Bridal Boutique Inspiration page to see more wedding cupcakes and other delectable treats for your big day. Every image you see on this site was handcrafted by one of our very own local cakers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you think something might be a good fit for your reception. 

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