Rock Themed 21st Birthday Cake

21st Birthday Cakes; 9 Epic Cakes to Complete Your Day

Looking for 21st birthday cakes to serve as inspiration for yours or a loved one’s big day? We’ve gathered a few of our favourites handcrafted by some of the local bakers featured right here on Bakers and Cakers. Browse to your heart’s content for inspiration and, if you’re here in Ireland and see one you like, don’t hesitate to reach out to the baker who made it for enquiries. 

1) Psychadelic Drip

Giant Double-Barrel Oreo Malteser Biscuit 21st Birthday Cake

The folks over at Sweetie Pie say they had an 80s power ballad mix tape on full blast while working on this giant double barrel 8″ Oreo Malteser biscuit cake. With a quick switch of the topper, it could easily work for a glow party and all sorts of other themes, but bear in mind, this is only a small taste of what they can do. They’ve been recognized in the Irish Times for their bright, fun, and zany designs. 

2) Decadently Feminine

Stunning 21st Drip Cake

This lovely purple drip from 2210 Patisserie is topped off with all sorts of delicious things, from meringue though decadent chocolates, as well as a few well-placed flowers to create a more feminine feel. Drip cakes are one of their specialties, with designs customised to suit the lucky recipient.

3) Merry Unbirthday

Wonderland Themed 21st Birthday Cake

Philosophical question of the day: If you give someone an unbirthday cake on their 21st birthday, does it become a birthday cake or is it still an unbirthday cake? No wonder the Cheshire Cat says they’re all mad! Hat’s off to Funky Cakes by Architect for this marvellous Wonderland creation. Izabella’s unconventional and creative cakes are some of the most imaginative you’ll ever find. 

4) Golden Elegance

Sparkle & Shine 21st Birthday Cake

Want to let your inner sparkle shine with your 21st birthday cake? No doubt, the Cake Cuppery can help you do the day up right. Cat’s been baking since childhood and is an award-winning designer. If you’re looking for something sweet, classic, or romantic, she’s your lass. 

5) Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles 21st Creative Cake

The person who commissioned this fun piece from the Perfectionist Confectionist supplied the colour scheme and asked that some of the birthday boy’s favourite things be included; Gonzaga college, UCD, and potato waffles with chicken dippers. However, Niamh wove them into this amazing display and lovingly handcrafted each piece of sugar art on it. Yes, it is 100% edible!

6) Hand Painted HummingbirdHand-Painted Hummingbird 21st Birthday Cake Design

A unique mixture of talents come together for this beautiful watercolour cake, including handmade sugar flowers and a stunning hand painted hummingbird. Credit goes to Cherub Couture Cakes for the design. 

7) The Cake That Must Not Be Named

Voldemort 21st Birthday Cake

Here’s another fun piece of fandom trivia: the “t” in Voldemort’s name is silent. It’s true, confirmed by J.K Rowling, herself, via Twitter. No wonder why nobody ever says it. It’s sooo embarrassing to mispronounce names. Anyway, the good news is, you don’t have to pronounce his name right (or even say it at all) to get this awesome 21st birthday cake from the mother and daughter team at the Cake Lab Bakery.


8) Puppy Love

Novelty Pup 21st Cake Design

As lifelike as this 21st birthday cake cake is, we can tell it’s a cake because the boots aren’t all chewed up. Well, either that or this adorable pup was caught red pawed before he really got going on poor Meg’s shoes. Credit for this beautiful creation goes to Tracy Desmond of Trace of Cakes. As you can see, she’s a quite talented sculptor and cake painter who does impeccable work with novelty cakes and wedding cakes too.

9) Indecisive 

Star Wars Game of Thrones Hybrid 21st Birthday Cake

Because you shouldn’t have to choose, that’s why. Ideal for the (now adult) kid who once went to school in costume on a regular basis and those who rebel against all established order, this magnificent Star Wars Game of Thrones hybrid 21st birthday cake is ideal. Who knew one cake could hold so much awesomeness? Woodenheart Cakes—that’s who! Linda says she loves getting requests for “something different” when she can let her imagination run wild.

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