Naked Wedding Cakes

14 Awe-Inspiring Naked Wedding Cakes

Semi-Naked  & Naked Wedding Cakes that look as good as they taste!

Over the past few years, naked wedding cakes have surged in popularity. Some prefer them for their rustic look, the inclusion of natural elements, or simply because they’re so different from the large traditional white wedding cakes of years gone by. Between the fruit atop many and the lack of icing, they tend to be quite popular for summer weddings too. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite naked wedding cake designs, crafted by our very own cakers, for you to explore. Feel free to browse for inspiration for your big day or use this page to shop—if you happen to come across something that speaks to you, reach out to the caker who designed it by clicking the link in the description below the corresponding image.

1. Just Married

Naked Wedding cake
Naked Wedding cake by Miller Cake Studio

This lovely four-tiered piece by Miller Cake Studio incorporates quite a few elements brides are requesting, from the tree stump base through the quaint “just married” banner on top, fruit, and fresh flowers. A light dusting adds to the charm.

2. Decadently Layered

Stunning Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake by Mandy’s Cakes

Not surprisingly, Mandy’s Cakes, the creator of this lovely naked sponge wedding cake, was a 2019 Irish Wedding Awards Finalist. The perfectly-overflowing filling gives it a decadent look without overpowering the understated design and pairs perfectly with the large blooms.

3. Nearly Naked Nuptuals

Simple Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake by Bluebell Cakes

As a winner of multiple bridal awards, Bluebell Cakes has made a bit of a specialty out of nearly naked wedding cakes. This particular two-tiered piece mingles classic vanilla with luscious lemon, then adds a bit of country charm with fresh-picked wildflowers and an adorable wooden topper. No doubt, it tastes every bit as sweet as it looks.

4. Bursting with Bliss

Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake

This beautiful four-tiered piece by Cakes by Dawn shows the sky’s the limit when it comes to naked wedding cakes. Not only does it have fresh flowers and fruit, but multiple flavour combinations and a stunning base tier of marble cake. Although not every baker can pull off marble layers, this award-winner makes it look easy.

5. Rose-Topped Classic

Winter Themed Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake by broken Spoon Cakes

Are you catching wintery undertones with the red and green here? Created for a December ceremony, this lovely piece by Broken Spoon Cakes includes a mixture of stunning display blooms and edible flowers too.

6. Rustic Berry

Gorgeous Naked Wedding cake design
Naked Wedding cake by Primrose Lane Bakery

This autumnal naked wedding cake is the work of Primrose Lane Bakery. They also do full-on dessert tables for those seeking variety or inviting large groups to the ceremony.

7. Mini Naked Wedding Cakes

Mini Naked Wedding Cake Design
Mini Naked Wedding Cakes By Croft Cake Design

Like the idea of having individual servings prepared in advance, want something different, or need to have variety? Mini naked cakes could be the answer! These beauties are by Croft Cake Design; a mix of salted caramel and gluten-free and lactose-free orange and almond. Proof you an have a wedding cake that looks beautiful and tastes delish—even if you’re worried about special diets.

8. Decadently Dusted

Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake by Maria’s Cakes Delight

Craving chocolate? This beautifully-dusted “fruitilicious” piece is by Maria’s Cakes Delight. She’s known for creating stunning classic pieces that are every bit artistic as they are delish.

9. Country Chic

Zesty Lemon Naked Wedding Cake
Semi Naked Wedding Cake by Ivory Wedding Cakes

At a glance, this nearly naked cake by Ivory Wedding Cakes may seem quite simple, but that’s part of the beauty of it. The tiers are zesty lemon, red velvet, and chocolate fudge, with just a hint of Swiss meringue buttercream to give it that elegant yet rustic look. If you’ve got a keen eye, you may also pick up the bands of edible gold paired with meringue kisses and macarons. Divine!

10. Passionately Perfect

Fresh and Colourful Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake by the Cake Cuppery

Fresh and vibrant, this piece by The Cake Cuppery was designed for spring nuptials. Whether coincidental or a mindful choice, the colours and fruit choices here represent passion, abundance, and steadfastness. Cat. The mastermind behind this piece, is an award-winning baker who delights in crafting personalised and memorable designs.

11. Wonderful in White

Semi Naked Wedding Cake Idea
Semi Naked Wedding Cake by Jennifer Walsh Cakes

Ideal for the couple who cannot decide between a classic white or naked wedding cake, this lovely piece by Jennifer Walsh Cakes brings together the best of both worlds. Believe it or not, the decorations are handmade sugar art; a mixture of southern magnolia flower, dogwood branch, hydrangea blossoms, and brunia berries. Sugar art flowers are a specialty of Jennifer’s and she can do virtually any bloom imaginable, so she may be the one you want to reach out to if you like the look of fresh flowers but aren’t a fan of dressing up cakes with them.


12. Marbled Magnificence

Semi Naked Wedding Cake Example
Semi Naked Wedding Cake by Bella’s Baking

Many choose naked wedding cakes to get the rustic look, but there’s so much more that can be done with them. This piece by Bella’s Baking includes a black base tier with edible gold leaf and fresh flowers, bringing high style to the concept.

13. Understated Beauty

Creative Naked Wedding Cake Design
Naked Wedding Cake by the Perfectionist Confectionist

Our friends at the Perfectionist Confectionist crafted this understated beauty. Bernie and Niamh, the duo behind the brand, work closely with their clients to capture their vision and turn it into edible art. They also take great pride in working with the most discerning tastes and all budgets.

14. Naked Drip

Naked Wedding Cake Drip Design
Naked Wedding Cake by Cherub Couture Cakes

There’s a whole lot of decadence going on in this zesty lemon and salted caramel drip variety by the multi-award-winning Cherub Couture Cakes. Specialising in traditional and naked wedding cakes, they’re glad to match your cake to your dress, theme, or incorporate elements to tell the story of the happy couple.

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