Wedding Cake toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers:15 Amazing cake toppers & Where to Get Them

Including Wedding Cake Topper Discount Codes!

Searching through volumes of wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers trying to find just the right one, but coming up short? Truth be told, our cakers have a secret weapon in this department—access to some of the best wedding cake toppers Ireland has to offer, all sourced locally from our specialty suppliers and some even offer special discounts for our Bakers and Cakers members. Whether you want something personalised for your special day or are a baker looking for something unique to include in your offerings, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here.

1) Modern and Elegant

wedding cake toppers

Premade and personalised wedding cake toppers like the one you see here are a specialty for Amy Cakes. They come classic “Mr. and Mrs.” acrylic designs like this one as well as a variety of other forms and fonts. You can also coordinate the colour to match your scheme with options that cover every shade of the rainbow as well as metallic or natural wood.  

2) Personalised with Paper

personalised paper wedding cake topper
wedding cake topper

love wedding cake topper


This family silhouette is the work of Lollipop Craft Studio. The home-based business creates all sorts of personalised paper art, from invitations to stationary, tags, and banners for all occasions. They run with whichever theme you select, so you could opt for something simple and elegant like the piece shown above, use lettering, incorporate artwork, or add some glam with glitter.  

3) Wonderful in Wood

wooden wedding cake topper
wedding cake topper

Also specialising in handmade wedding cake toppers, Project Party crafted this lovely wooden piece. It happens to be part of their Beautiful Botanics range, which works well for rustic and natural themes, though there’s a large selection to suit any theme. Options include word art similar to this one, flags, and more.

4) Simple and Chic

simple wedding cake topper example
Cake topper by Pearl bakes

When not making art to top cakes, Pearl Bakes is actually an award-winning caker and pastry chef on Bakers & Cakers. Their selection includes metallic and glittery pieces such as the one above and spans into other forms of paper craft too.

5) Made-to-Order Magnificence

made to order Wedding Cake toppers
made to order Wedding Cake toppers by Shindigs

The wedding cake toppers by Shindigs are all hand-drawn, laser-cut, and made to order, so they always have that professional polish, but with a bespoke flair. For example one of the pieces shown here is done up in black acrylic and allows for a customisable date, though there are a multitude of designs to choose from in an array of colours as well as natural wood. Even better … the lovely folks at Shindigs offer all Bakers and Cakers members special discount! log into your account and check out the ‘Resources’ page to find the codes .    

6) Tailored Ever Afters

unique wedding cake toppers
Wedding cake topper by Crafty designs

Ever wish you could have a fairy godmother make you the wedding cake topper of your dreams? That’s kind of what working with Crafty Designs is like. They have their own ideas, but you can send them a message with your ideas and they’ll bring them to life. This particular one is silver acrylic, which gives it a mirror-like finish.

7) All that Glitters

glitter style wedding cake topper
wedding cake topper

The family-owned business Craft Shapes Ireland designs and custom makes all sorts of personalised goods, including beautiful wood and acrylic wedding cake toppers like the one seen here.

8) Uniquely You

Mrs & Mrs Wedding cake topper
Wedding cake topper by Craft letters

Looking for something that truly represents you and your loved one? You may want to check out Crafty Letters. There’s a “Mrs. & Mrs.” variety as shown above, “Mr. & Mr.” option with a tuxedo motif, and even novelty options such as the happy couple on a bicycle. As with the other bespoke shops, Crafty Letters offers their cake toppers for wedding cakes in many hues of acrylic or natural wood.

9) Tree of Life

tree of life wedding cake topper example
wedding cake topper by cake toppers

It is impossible to look at anything created by “Cake Toppers” and not be awe-struck. This lovely cherrywood piece features the Tree of Life with the couple’s name and date on it. The selection also hosts other rustic choices, such as antlers and couples silhouettes. And, if you’re looking for a super cool Mr. & Mr. wedding cake topper shaped like the “Bat Sign” in black acrylic, this is also where you’ll go.

10) Delightfully Sweet

fresh cut flowers Wedding Cake toppers

Believe it or not, these cakes are not topped with fresh-cut flowers. This is the handiwork of Sugar Blossoms, an award-winning sugarcraft specialist who creates some of the most realistic blooms you’ll ever see. Deirdre can handmake sugar flowers to match the bridal bouquet and colour theme or just tell her what you’d like to accomplish and let her work her magic. She offers discounts for large orders and can be found right here on Bakers & Cakers.

11) For Keeps

Wedding Cake toppers for keeps
Wedding Cake toppers


Award-winning Anjali, the genius behind Global Cake Toppers, hand sculpts each of her custom designs using polymer clay. That means they’re absolutely breath-taking on the big day and are a lasting keepsake to be cherished for years to come. She often depicts couples with their children or pets and routinely includes hints of careers and hobbies—it’s really up to you to decide which personal elements you’d like to incorporate and how much of your personal attributes you’d like to shine through. This is also a great place to pick up funny wedding cake toppers. If you check out the gallery, you’ll see brides and grooms who have imbibed a bit too much, monkey nuptials, handcuffed grooms, and more.   

12) Illustrious Illustrations

illustration Wedding Cake toppers
Wedding Cake toppers

Head over to Little Divils Personal Creations if you’re a fan of hand-drawn illustrations. All pieces are made to order and created expressly for you and yours. You can even take the concept a step further and have them do up your invites and/or guest signature frame for a cohesive theme.

13) Bespoke Bunting

bespoke bunting wedding cake topper
wedding cake topper

Buntings have become a huge trend as of late, and you can get yours through Party Parlour. This particular one mingles cotton triangles with wooden picks for a vintage feel, though there are alternatives and word art wedding cake toppers to choose from too.

14) Endless Love

endless love wedding cake topper example
wedding cake topper

Specialising in all things party, the Party Boutique Shop offers a multitude of supplies ideal for the big day. This gold acrylic topper works well for all themes and is ready to go right out of the box.

15) Perfectly Personalised

personalised wooden wedding cake topper
Personalised wedding cake topper by crafty cuts

Going for a rustic theme? This personalised wooden heart from Crafty Cuts is just the thing. Or, if you’re going for something more modern and sleeker, check out their acrylic wedding cake toppers with options such as monograms and surnames. Need something totally custom? No problem. Want a great deal too? … the lovely folks at Crafty Cuts offer all Bakers and Cakers members special discount! log into your account and check out the ‘Resources’ page to find the codes .    

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