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Wow-Worthy First Holy Communion Cakes

Looking for First Holy Communion cakes that awe and inspire? You’ve come to the right place. From classic through non-traditional, rustic, and glamourous pieces, we’ve gathered an array of some of our favourite communion cakes for boys and girls. Feel free to browse to your heart’s content if you’re looking for ideas or, if you’d like to have a baker custom-make one of these beautiful creations for your child’s communion, click the baker’s name in the description below the photo to be taken straight to their page where you can order directly with them.

1. Decadent Drips

decadent drip cakes

We love the magic 2210 Patisserie created with these decadent drip cakes. The candy overload cake in blue happens to be for a confirmation, though it’s quite easy to imagine the lovely drip in white for someone’s special day as well.

2. Pastel Pink

pink and white communion cake

Complete with the eucharist and rosary, this beautiful pastel pink and white cake is perfect for a young lass. The roses on top look incredibly life-like. Credit goes to 2210 Patisserie for this lovely piece as well.

3. A Hint of Sparkle

stunning Communion cakes

The Cake Cuppery blends tradition with a bit of sparkle to match the twinkle in their eyes. Take note; though many of these have “diamonds” and “pearls” (all edible of course), there’s a more masculine version with just silver embellishments too.

4. Flamingo Delight

creative flamingo Communion cake

Yes, really. “When you have a super cool Mam who lets you have a flamingo party for your communion”, the Cake Cuppery can whip up one of these for you too.

5. All-Out Glam

glamorous Holy Communion cake

Don’t let the flamingos and understated sparkle fool you, the Cake Cuppery does all-out glam as well. Cat, the lovely caker behind these designs, says she grew up singing the Mary Poppins classic ‘Just a spoonful of sugar’ and claims there’s sugar in her veins. No doubt, her work serves as evidence.

6. Victorian-Inspired

Holy Communion cakes

This dainty and feminine communion cake looks like it was plucked out of the Victorian era. It was created by Cakes by Deborah. You may not be surprised to learn Deborah is also an award-winning wedding cake designer.

7. Bold Bloom

beautiful Communion cake idea

This beautiful piece from Cakes by Lisa Ryan adds a slightly modern twist to the quintessential communion cake. Lisa’s famous quote: “Tell me your idea and I will turn it into cake”.

8. Natural Beauty

communion cake idea


Earthy and floral, this lovely communion cake gives just a taste of what Cakes by Lynzie can do. Oddly enough, Lynzie previously studied to be a graphic designer. We think she found her calling.

9. Bow-ti-ful

creative Holy Communion cake idea

Also from Cakes by Lynzie, this adorable bow cake is ideal for any young lass’ celebration. Lynzie also has some amazing novelty and wedding cakes worth exploring.

10. Classic Girls Communion Cake

classic Communion cake design

Believe it or not, there’s decadent chocolate tucked away inside this gorgeous white piece. And, in case you’re curious, that beautiful peony on top is handcrafted sugar art; a specialty of Cakes Galore by Polly.

11. For the Little Angel

angel Communion cake

While many sugar artists can create your child’s likeness as a cake topper (more of those in a bit), we love the whimsy Cakes Galore by Polly added to this piece by giving the lass her very own pair of wings.

12. Magical Day

Unicorn Holy Communion cake

Apparently, Megan (of the flamingo cake) isn’t the only one with a super cool Mam. You can feel the warmth and magic radiating from this unicorn communion cake. The detail Cakes Glorious Cakes by Anne put into the figure is quite amazing too.

13. Everything Nice

flower and butterfly Holy Communion cake

From ombre pink touches through beautiful flower petals and butterflies, Cherub Couture Cakes captures the essence of girlhood in this lovely piece. Are you feeling a hint of wedding cake design in this one too? If so, your cake-senses are spot on. They’ve won awards in that department too.

14. Bespoke Communion Cookies for Him

Communion cookies for him

Not a cake person or want something a bit easier to share? This bounty from Cookies & Co. is sure to delight with a selection to honour him on his special day.

15. Custom Cookies for Her

Holy Communion cookies for her

Also by Cookies & Co. these treats are the epitome of personalisation. Their specialty is Irish butter shortbread cookies, which they top off with sugar paste and customise for all occasions.

16. Boys Communion Cake

boys communion cakes

This lovely piece by award-winning Cove Cake Design shows that you absolutely can add colour and personal touches to make a communion cake special and still have it feel refined. Look how rosy his cheeks are!

17. Pure White Communion Cake

all white Communion cakes

Of course, there’s something to be said for the quintessential communion cake in pure white. Also by Cove Cake Design, this stunning piece is nothing short of divine.

18. Rustic in Blue

rustic Communion cake idea

It’s amazing what Croft Cake Design has done here. This piece is done in buttercream (their preference over fondant) with edible gold paint at the edges. The flowers are lovingly made by hand using wafer paper, and shortbread cookies complete the rustic look. Although done up for a christening, it’s easy to imagine this as a communion cake too.

19. Floral Bliss

floral Holy Communion cake design

This is evidence that the name “Cupcakes and Counting” is a bit misleading. Yes, Jen (the nurse-by-day and cake artist-by-night behind this masterpiece) does cupcakes and does them well, but this elegant silver-trimmed piece embellished with flowers, doves, and cross, is proof cupcakes (and nursing) are not the only things she excels at.

20. Holy Bible Cake

Bible Holy Communion cake

Yes, this holy book really is a cake. “I refuse to be ordinary” says Izabella of Funky Cakes by Architect. Well played, Izabella, well played. Her bakery’s name is a nod to her former career as an architect, but it’s hard to imagine that she was ever anything but a cake designer.

21. Just for Him

boys Communion cake example

The figure atop this communion cake is so well done, it might be difficult to cut into it. Sugar art is more than a specialty for Perfectionist Confectionist; it’s a way of life.

22. Just for Her

girls Communion cake idea

Also crafted by Perfectionist Confectionist, this piece does an amazing job of capturing the sweet lass’ joy. It’s worth noting that Ava, the recipient, sketched out the design for this piece herself, and our caker obliged, adding an extra measure of wow-factor to the day.

23. Footballer’s Dream

football themed Communion cake

With flamingos and unicorns dominating this list, we wanted to make sure we showcased a novelty communion cake for boys too. True, that meant Perfectionist Confectionist nabbed a third spot on the list, but it’s well-earned, no?

24. Sweet and Classy

class Communion cake

It’s hard to imagine anything sweeter than this piece by Something Sweet by Malahide. Barbara, the artesian behind it, is largely influenced by Italian design and flavours.

25. Refined Rose

rose themed Communion cake

Whether you associate them with God’s love, Christ’s passion, or the Virgin Mary, roses have a special place in our hearts. Here, Splendor Cakes and More has tastefully adorned the lower tier with the beloved symbol and topped the piece off with sugar art so striking it could pass for a porcelain doll.

26. Unforgettably Sweet

sweet themed Communion cake

This unique communion cake from Sugar and Bunting combines the best of all worlds in a semi-naked drip cake. FYI, they do all sorts of things, from novelty cakes through various desserts. If you want something off the beaten path, check them out!

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