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12 Custom Cakes for Your Favourite Sport Enthusiast

With rugby season upon us, it seemed prime time to share a few of our favourite sports-themed custom cakes. Whether you’re looking for rugby, football cakes, or just general birthday cakes for men or women, you’ll find some of the best in all of Ireland right here in our roundup.

1. IRFU and a Guinness

IRFU Cake by 2210 patisserie

It’s amazing what an artist can do with custom cakes! This IRFU piece was done up by 2210 Patisserie and is perfect for rugby fans of all types. Believe it or not, the whole thing is edible. If you’re looking for something fun to dress up your dessert table, Una’s the one to talk to.

2.  Dublin GAA

Dublin GAA Cake by Amy-Lea’s Cake company

After taking lessons from some of the best sugar craft artists in the world and committing herself to hundreds of hours study, Amy-Lea’s Cake Company creates some of the most innovative designs around. This Dublin GAA jersey is but a taste of what she has to offer.

3. Munster Rugby

Munster Rugby Cake by Cakes by Deborah

Who says you need to wait around for a birthday to have an extra special custom cake made? This Munster Rugby-themed cake was done up for a First Holy Communion and crafted by Cakes by Deborah. It’s a beautiful piece with plenty of deliciousness to go around… that is if the lad could bear to cut into it.

4. Play Hard

Rugby cake by Cakes by Lynzie

If it isn’t at least a little messy, it’s not rugby, right? This IRFU birthday cake was created for a teen sports fan by Cakes by Lynzie. She specialises in all types of novelty pieces; worth a look no matter what your preferences!

5. All Ireland

GAA cake by Cakes Glorious Cakes

Sadly, this stunning piece did not bring All Ireland a victory, but it did delight quite a few people. It was done up by Cakes Glorious Cakes and is totally edible, right down to the carved chocolate biscuit cake boot.

6. Football Communion

Football cake by Cherub Couture Cakes

Football cakes are somewhat of a specialty for Cherub Couture Cakes, but really, there isn’t any type of novelty design that’s out of bounds for this caker. And, yes, this was every bit as delicious as it looks.

7) Teed Off

Golf ball cake by Ms.Cakes

Not sure if this ball is afraid to get hit or if he just realised he’s made from chocolate biscuit and is about to be devoured! This beautiful craftsmanship comes from Ms. Cakes, who credits the original concept to Sugar Duckie Cake Designs.

8) 18 Holes

Golf bag cake by Novel-T Cakes

It almost looks like this custom piece by Novel-T Cakes should come with a caddy. It’s probably no surprise that Tanya, the cake’s designer, could fill a golf bag (and then some) with all the awards she’s won.

9) Manchester United

Manchester United Football cake by The Perfectionist Confectionist

The folks at Perfectionist Confectionist did up this Manchester United football cake for a Communion celebration. Check out the details on the lad’s face; the cakers have developed quite a talent for featuring the person of honour on their custom cake.

10) Marathon

Marathon Cake by Primrose Lane Bakery

This custom cake by Primrose Lane Bakery can run circles around all the others! Dubbed the “little bakery with a big imagination, Primrose Lane has some absolutely breath-taking wedding cakes too.

11) Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing cake by Splendour Cakes and More

The attention to detail in this piece by Splendor Cakes and More is astounding. For those familiar with the area, this scene features Dollymount Beach, complete with its view of the landmark Poolbeg chimneys. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but our baker used a mixture of airbrushing and hand painting on this piece, plus the kitesurfer is genuinely suspended- a true feat.

12) Triathlon

Triathlon Cake by Truly Scrumptious Cakes

This clever Triathlon cake is the mastermind of Ciara at  Truly Scrumptious Cakes. After studying with some of the biggest names in the industry, Ciara delights in creating wedding designs and anything animated.

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