13 Spook-Tacular Halloween Cakes and Treats

Spooks, goblins, witches, and monsters galore! We’ve rounded up 13 of our favourite Halloween cakes and more…

1) Spooky Jack-o-Lantern Cake

Crawling with spiders this lone gourd conspires. Meanwhile, Truly Scrumptious Cakes makes us look on with cake-fuelled desires.

halloween cakes - Truly Scrumptious Cakes

2) Pennywise the Cake

Is it just us or is the room starting to shake? A little unsettling, this Pennywise cake. Perfectionist Confectionist, your bad is quite good, but this piece is scaring us more than it should!

Halloween cakes - Perfectionist Confectionist

3) Dracula Cake

Ok, she’s got us now, we’re quaking with fear. Cakes by Lynzie  did a masterful job with old Dracula here.

Halloween Cakes

4) Hauntingly Delicious

Splendour Cakes and More made this playful piece, though it’s quite possible a ghost holds the lease.

Halloween caked - splendor cakes and more

5) Creepy Doll Cake

Might be best to keep the knives away. This dolly’s not right and she wants to play. Cakefield Avenue, please, we’re all filled with fright—this kind of stuff keeps us up at night.

halloween cake - Cakefield Avenue

6) Silly Jack-o-Lantern

Take a look closer, no need to be wary… our old friend Jack isn’t the least bit scary. Cakes by Lynzie crafted this grin, from his floppy pink tongue to the wart on his chin.

Halloween cakes


7) Frightfully Good Cupcakes

And now we move on to Chapel Cross Cakes, with wickedly fun Halloween bakes.

Halloween Cupcakes

8) Owl-een Treat

This whimsical cake is certainly a hoot; a curious owl in a witch hat to boot! Credit to Cove Cake Design for this little delight, perfect to nosh on this Halloween night.

Halloween Cupcakes

9) Spooky-Good Cupcakes

Our friends at Cove Cake Design are at it once more. Wonder what those big eyes have in store…

cove cakes Halloween Cupcakes


10) Mummy’s lost her Head  

A little too creepy you say? Someone please eat it and make it go away! This design by Funky Cakes by Architect is eerie, it’s true, but we promise—he’s not staring at you!

Halloween cake


11) Halloween Totem

An adorable triad brings back the fun. Lily Belles Cakes crafted this one.

halloween cake lily belles cakes

12) Crash Landing

Oh no! It’s a crash! (Or is it a stew?) Novel-T Cakes, our hat’s off to you!

Halloween Cake - Novel T Cake

13) Funtastic Halloween Cookies

Bats, pumpkins, a ghost and a boo, Splendour Cakes and More designs yummy cookies too.

Halloween Cakes


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