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5 Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Adore

If youve never planned a wedding before and are finding yourself overwhelmed with the of thousands of ‘little’ jobs that keeping stacking up, hopefully this list will help you tick one off. Favours are the quintessential way to thank your guests for their attendance and often get forgotten about till the very last minute. It can be hard to come up with something that the vast majority of your guests will like so, what could you possibly offer as a wedding favour that will be a real crowd pleaser? Well….Food of course!

1. Macarons

French macarons are delicate meringue-based bites of deliciousness, which have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. Their shells are made with almonds and the inner filling can be most any flavour; typically ganache, buttercream or luscious jams. This makes them a great all round crowd pleaser, as your colic guests ( who tend to miss out on the cake ) can enjoy them too! Macarons come in individual servings and look super chic, they can be given out in little bags or boxes. Its almost guaranteed that if someone forgets their macarons on the table at the end of the night, someone else is going to grab them and take them home with theirs. Ladurée , Oceane’s French CakeThe Cake Cuppery andCherub Couture Cakes are just some of our amazing suppliers who make these heavenly bites.

Macaron wedding favour
Macaron wedding favours by Laduree


2. Cake Pops

Cake pops are super versatile .They can be done up to be a little classier or more rustic for more casual weddings. Weve seen them done up in bridal attire, as wedding bells, and in other fanciful designs. Naturally, they can come in any flavour or colours you wish. Consider using them to denote seating arrangements, as an easy solution to place cards and favours. Check out The Cake Cuppery Primrose Lane Bakery and2210 Patisserie if your looking for some show stopper cake pops.


Cake pop wedding favours
Cake pop wedding favours by The Cake Cuppery

3. Doughnuts

Were seeing a lot of doughnuts these days. Theyre even adorning wedding cakes (and sometimes replacing them), dressing up buffet tables or used as favours,these are a sure crowd pleaser . There are lots of ways they can be distributed as well; from cute boxed options that work like pace cards, skewered varieties that somewhat resemble cake pops or an entire wall full ….. you cant go wrong. Check out Cakes by DeborahCake Superior,  Maria’s Cakes Delight andO’Carrolls Cakes if you’re looking for some Doughnut goodness.


Doughnut wedding favours
Doughnut wedding favours by cakes by Deborah


4. Cookies

One of the biggest trends emerging at the moment when comes to wedding favours is customising them with your date or having them monogrammed. Doing so makes whatever object you give much more personal than it would have otherwise been and Cookies are fantastic in this respect. You can monogram them, theme them, use them as your place setting.You have lots of different options to denote the significance of the day, and your guests will love them. Check out MMCookies,Pearl Bakes,Something Sweet Malahideand Splendor Cakes and more by Ellen Redmond,Just some of our super talented bakers who make the most divine Cookies in Ireleand.

Wedding favour cookies
Wedding favour cookies by MM Cookies


5. Marshmallow Pops

If you think you know what marshmallows taste like … think again! You have not tasted marshmallows till you have tried the proper homemade ones and we happen to thing we have the best marshmallow markers in all the country here on Bakers and Cakers !If youre looking for something slightly off the beaten path, there are lots of different ways to stylize marshmallows as favours. They can be done up much like cake pops are, with a stick and cellophane, they can also be boxed up or like the image below in a cellophane bag as a place setting. One absolutely delish take on them is caramel and chocolate-dipped marshmallows, though smores-style is always a winner too. Check out Delish Melish,Jennifer Walsh Cake

,Maria’s Cakes Delight and  Splendor Cakes and more by Ellen Redmond


marshmallow wedding favours
Marshmallow wedding favours by Delish Melish

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