4 Epic Ways Bakers And Cakers Can Get Your Brand Noticed

Whether you’re with a mega PR firm or a solo entrepreneur, getting your brand the attention it deserves can feel like an uphill battle. Marketing pros know this and have a whole bag of tricks to get around it, but a couple of key elements come up in almost every strategy: connect with individual people, and give them a gift to remember you with. Baked goods can help you nail both these fronts, whether you’re leaving a referral pad in an office you hope will send people your way, trying to get your latest press release picked up in a busy newsroom, hosting a launch party, or virtually any type of marketing effort that involves connecting with people who can help you attract new customers.

When this Works Best

  • Promoting a Press Release
  • Open Houses
  • As a Gift to Referring Offices (Doctors, Dentists, etc.)
  • While Delivering Samples
  • Product Launch/ Startup Parties

Basically, if you’re taking promotional literature somewhere or involved in any kind of gathering, baked goods will get you in.

1) Cookies with Logos

Extremely gifted decorators can hand-draw your logo and slogan on individual cookies, so you can have more variation in how the designs look.

Branded cookies
Branded cookies from MMCookies


Another option is edible images, which go on top of the icing and create a uniform look on every cookie. Unless your cookies are being served as part of a buffet, it’s worthwhile to have them individually wrapped like these beautiful creations both from MMCookies 

Branded Cookies
Branded cookies from MMCookies

2) Branded Cupcakes

Whilst they do tend to be pricier than cookies, cupcakes also tend to move a whole lot faster as well, which means they just may get your business more exposure. Check out this little beauties from  Miller Cake Studio . Be sure you have enough to go around and possibly include a few flavours, so there’s something for everyone.

Branded Cupcakes
Branded Cupcakes From Miller Cake Studio


3) Company Cakes

Full cakes work best in group settings, such as for launch parties. While they can be done up simple, an artistic design really adds to the wow-factor and gets attention, like this fab Lidl cake is from Cakes By Lynzie

lidl Corporate Cake


4) Branded Packaging on Snacks

One of the reasons why baked goods work so well when the branding is part of the design is because it’s generally unexpected. It shakes people out of autopilot and gets them to pay attention to your brand, plus teaches them to associate your company with good feelings. You can get a similar vibe when the packaging is branded instead, but always opt for individual treats and share an uncommon treat,to get people to take notice. like these Meringues and marshmallows from Delish Melish  .The more unique your design and/or packaging is, the more recognition you’ll receive.

Getting Even More Impact for Your Efforts

Choose quality. Many companies offer similar corporate baking services, and yes, you can order online and have them shipped, but how’s the quality? If your logo is going on something, it needs to be high-quality for the sake of your reputation. This is why local artisan bakers are best; they can skip the preservatives and provide you with treats that look and taste better.


Get the names and birthdays of key people at business that support your efforts and surprise them near their birthday. This works very well to develop ongoing relationships in newsrooms or offices with lots of support staff that may be referring people to your business.


Talk to offices ahead of time and find out what they like. This helps you establish rapport with the team and creates anticipation about your visit.


Follow up afterward. Keep it conversational and ask if they enjoyed the treat, while making sure they remember your business and know how to get in touch with you.

Find a Baker to Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Corporate-branded baked goods come in all kinds of varieties, styles, and flavours. Take some time to consider what kind of message you’d like to convey with your treats, as well as what kind of strategy you plan to implement. Then, come back and review the offerings of our artisan bakers to see who’s style matches your ideas best. We’ll be launching in just a couple of weeks, so bookmark us or leave us your email and we’ll notify you as soon as Bakers and Cakers goes live.


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