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How to Create an Epic Baker Profile in 10 Minutes or Less

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There are lots of reasons why having a profile here on Bakers and Cakers is beneficial, whether you want tools that will make managing your business easier, are looking for more comradery amongst like-minded professionals, or are hoping to cash in on some of our exclusive partnership discounts. However, being the savvy businessperson that you are, no doubt getting your work in front of people and staying busy doing what you do best is the biggest draw. We can help with that for sure, but we also want to ensure you’re making the very best impression, so potential clients can see what you’re about easily. Here’s how to make your profile as sugary-sweet as you are.

Select Your Very Best Unwatermarked Photos

Think of your Bakers and Cakers profile as if it was a cake. You know how people get when you’ve really hit the mark aesthetically? That’s the very thing we want you to create with your profile. The photos you upload are what draws them in before they’re willing to bite.

1. Choose photos with good composition. The rule of thirds is alive and well in food photography and it helps create balance.

2. Make sure the lighting is good. Whenever possible, use natural lighting to show off your work. When this isn’t possible, try to shoot in a location with even lighting, so you don’t wind up with awkward shadows that can distort your images.

3. Avoid blurry and watermarked photos. These things can distract from the quality of your work. Plus, we like to use authentic photos when we market, so your images need to be blemish-free in order for us to be able to use them to show people how awesome you are.

Put Some Oomph into Your Tagline

Your tagline is your branding or your slogan, but you don’t have to be a wordsmith to come up with something catchy. Think of what you do best or what sets you apart from everyone else and be sure to use uncommon or powerful adjectives. Check out 189 Powerful Words That Convert if you need inspiration.

Be Comprehensive and Brag a Bit

It’s good to be a little boastful on your profile. Sharing your accomplishments and educational background on Bakers and Cakers will reassure people that they’re in good hands when they choose you. Think back to all the things that have shaped you into the wonderful baker you are today and list them in your bio. You can also mention contests you’ve entered, awards you’ve won and even certificate courses you’ve completed to help seal the deal.

Get More Exposure with Tags

Tags are a crucial part of our internal search program. You’ll want to be sure you’re listing all tags that are appropriate for you, so people can find you easier. Do you make cupcakes? That’s a good tag, but you can do better. Get descriptive. Chocolate cupcakes, communion cupcakes, boy party cupcakes, Ben 10 cupcakes, 40th birthday, and other terms that pertain to work you’ve done or would like to do should be included. It’s also helpful to put yourself in the mind of the consumer when you can and use phrases that they’ll know and not just culinary terms. Lastly, if you’re able to serve the needs of corporations and businesses, be sure to include this in both your bio and tags. Using words like corporate, logo, branded, business event, promotional and thank you gift may all help you attract more large orders from companies.

Keep Your Calendar Current

It’s our sincere wish to make your calendar jam-packed with orders, and together, we can make that happen. As your schedule fills up and life events keep you out of the kitchen, be sure to update your unavailability. This will ensure that potential customers get matched up with people who can help them and make selecting a baker a seamless process. It will also cut down on the number of inquiries you have to follow up with when you’re fully booked.

Not Listed on Bakers & Cakers Yet?

We’ve still got space for talented local bakers. If you want more exposure and a fuller calendar, as well as access to some amazing tools that can help you run your business more easily and save you money, consider joining us today.

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