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6 Amazing Dublin Easter Eggs You Have to See to Believe

 Amazing Easter Eggs to bestow upon your loved ones this Easter

According to the Journal, we consumed 17.7 million Easter eggs last year, to the tune of 2,136 tonnes of chocolate. Thats pretty amazing in and of itself, but we arent satisfied with just any kind of chocolate egg. We want unique sweets to bestow upon our loved ones; pieces that arent just deliciously sweet, but also represent the recipient or relationship in some way. Local chocolatiers know this and have come up with some truly uncommon designs this year. Heres a quick look at whats out and about, if you know where to look.

1. Unicorn Easter Eggs

Why settle for a hen or ostrich egg when you can have something magical? The folks at Sweet Republic are already selling out of their unicorn eggs. Each one comes dressed in a lovely garland of flowers, befitting of your favourite princess, and is topped off with tiny ears and a horn. The company also offers customisations, so you can have something made specifically with your lucky someone in mind.

Bakers and Cakers , Unicorn Easter egg

2. Pretty Pastel Easter Eggs

Ladurée Dublin has something eggstra special planned for their customers this year. While remaining true to its understated, yet mouth-watering heritage, the company has prepared a selection of offerings that hosts virtually every type of chocolate.

Bakers and Cakers , Laduree Easter Eggs

3. Fried Easter Eggs

Whilst you can certainly find fried eggs any day of the year, youd be hard pressed to find a fried chocolate egg. The clever chocolatiers at LArt du Chocolat designed a deliciously simple egg thats sure to bring a smile to anyones face.

Bakers and Cakers, fried egg Easter Egg

4. Peek-a-Boo Easter Eggs

Whatever creature happens to be hiding in this other LArt du Chocolat creation seems to be aware its on the menu. Not to worry- no chocolate creatures were harmed in the making of the eggs. However, no guarantees are made after gifting.

Bakers and Cakers , peak-a-boo Easter Egg

5. Chocolate Ducks

Reminiscent of the artwork one might find on a Russian nesting doll, these chocolate ducks from Cocoa Atelier are sure to delight the young at heart. The delightful and vibrant designs are perfect for anyone who wants something a little non-traditional without missing out on any of the fun.

Bakers and Cakers , Easter ducks

6. Filled Gourmet Eggs

If youre looking for something uncommon thats almost guaranteed to be loved by the gourmand on your list, Cocoa Ateliers filled eggs are certain to do the trick. Overflowing with the candied fruit and nuts that the company has become known for, and encased in decadent chocolate, these filled eggs are designed to be savoured.

Bakers and Cakers , Filled Gourmet Eggs
Bakers and Cakers , Filled Gourmet Eggs

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