6 Sweet Treats to Steal Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s a great opportunity to show your sweetheart how much you adore him or her. Whether you’re trying to woo a certain someone or just want to remind them that you care, a little sugar for your sugar is in order. Check out these six ideas for inspiration



1. Mouth-Watering Cupcakes

Most people in doubt as to what to get this time of year tend go for the old reliable strawberries & chocolate and maybe even a bottle of bubbly. Not only are strawberries associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love, but they’re also a known aphrodisiac. BUT… If your dearest one isn’t into strawberries and you want to show a bit of creativity , there are a lot of other delicious goodies you can spoil them with, just like these adorable cupcake from Sweet Noni in Dublin  ! Combine that with a bottle of bubblies and you certainly onto a winner.

2. Cake Pop’s

Looking for an alternative to flowers? Check out these gorgeous cake pop‘s. They can be done up in any hue; red for love and romance, pink for passion, yellow for friendship, and more. If you need something a little more masculine, a lot can be done with these tasty morsels beyond flowers, so ask your baker to be as creative as they can. Check out this beauties from Sweetie pie Dublin.

3. Chocolate… Anything

Chocolate is always a big win on Valentine’s day and it’s also another tried and true aphrodisiac. You really can’t go wrong with chocolates and a kiss, so how about combining the two to get the best of both worlds? These stunning chocolate kisses from ‘L’Art du Chocolat’ on the Main St Maynooth, Co Kildare should do the trick alright.

4. Designer Doughnuts

If you haven’t noticed the doughnut craze yet, you’re about to. These simple desserts are fast becoming the in-thing- so much that some people are replacing wedding cakes with them. We love doughnuts because they’re easy to give and even easier to share. For a cute Valentine’s Day touch, they can be done up in reds, whites, pinks and even heart-shaped. Auinger Danger on Aungier St Dublin wowed customers this week with their heart shaped doughnuts in aid of the #HeartBreak campaign and we’re sure they’ll have something just a delicious and tempting for Valentine’s Day.

5. Lip-Smacking Macarons

Macarons are not only chic, but they’re on the lighter side as far as baked goods go, too. An added bonus is that they are also perfect those with a gluten intolerance, but most importantly, they’re absolutely delish. They come in all sorts of flavour combinations and we’ve even seen a baker or two adapt their typical round shape to a heart for Valentine’s Day. Check out this year’s limited edition Valentine’s day box from Laduree on South William St, Dublin 2. Not only is it beautiful, but it even allows you to record your own special voice message!! With over 10 different flavours to choose from we’re sure these will be a winner.

6. Romantic Red Velvet Cake

Planning a romantic night in, complete with a candle-lit dinner? A red velvet cake is just the thing to finish off the meal. Lots of frostings and fillings go great with red velvet, though buttercream and cream cheese tend to be the best bets if you’re not sure what your honey prefers. Add an extra romantic touch by getting it decorated with love hearts and your sure to win brownie points Cove Cake Design in Co. Dublin specialise in all things cake and would be all to delighted to help treat your special someone this Valentine’s day.  

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